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Friday, February 02, 2007

Nice try Rob

Rob, having seen my lack of blogging in January and his unusually high blogging activity, decided to try and out-blog me for the month. Both of us then noticed Jill's unusually high blogging activity for January. The race was on!!! Hence the more frequent posting here recently.

Rob's mistake was mentioning that we were in competition, otherwise, he would've just silently passed me. The final count was:
  1. Me (23)

  2. Rob (20)

  3. Jill (18)

Both Rob and Jill had record months in terms of number of blog posts. Rob says that he's gonna beat me for this month b/c he has something up his sleeve. I'll let him win. I just wanted to kick it up a bit at the end of January, as I hadn't blogged much.

I've really slowed down the blogging. Last January, I posted 50 times!!! 11 of the posts were b/c of my grass though...

My previous goal was a post a day. Now I'm trying to get on average, a post every other day, which will really mean that I blog about twice a week and post multiple times in one day :)


Bob said...

Dude! I had 22! Way to count no count.

Vince said...

I thought you had 22 as well b/c I thought I only beat you by 1, but then I checked your blog while making this post and it only said 20 for the month of January...

What gives?

Bob said...

ooooh yeah ok i remember now. They're still there, just hiding.

Vince said...

What do you mean hiding? And which posts are you hiding? And why?

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