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Saturday, February 17, 2007

In retrospect, the helmet was a good purchase

Figuring that if I didn't have a massive fall, I didn't push myself enough, I decided to do some jumps on the bunny hill. I got some decent air on the top one, but on the small one at the bottom, I figured that I'd need to jump extra hard, but that just resulted in the back of my head slamming against the slope. At least I managed to entertain the crowd riding the chair lift over me as I heard gasps as they passed.

I'm glad that I was wearing a helmet, as even with it on, it gave me a good jarring. I figured that I would start wearing one this season as I was gonna be doing double blacks and jumps and stuff. Good call.


Anonymous said...


Jenika said...

what she said, and wtf mate, i'm still on blues...barely! weren't we in the same beginner class?! (YES!)

Vince said...

Well, maybe if you had joined the club this year you'd be off the blues with me :)

Bob said...

Dude, why didn't you tell me you needed a helmet? You could have borrowed my COW hardhat. (I'm following Jilly's example and referring to my workplace in code - I love how it abbreviates to COW)

And what's the deal? I haven't seen any of these comments in my reader, and the ones at the side are from March. I think there's some kind of feed problem (I'm experiencing the same thing with my blog)

Vince said...

It's like animal farm: working for the cows, but I guess in animal farm it was the pigs...

Ya, the comment feed is messed up for some reason. I just noticed that today.

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