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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Can't seem to make it past the semi's

Winter 2007 Div 1 Skule A & B Coed Intramurals Volleyball Teams. Back: Sarah, Cyrene, Siobhan, Julie, Ron, Tom, Rob. Middle: Kevin, Afjal, Vince, Steph, Bu, Kristen, Tom. Front: Nastassja

Winter 2007 Div 1 SGS Men's Volleyball Intramurals Team. Julius, Utku, Greg, Gadi, Bu, Vince. Missing: Marek

Can't seem to make it past the semi-finals in the playoffs this year. I keep making it there and putting up a good fight, but the balls just never roll the right way. Oh well, at least my evenings are freeing up. This semester was way too busy with all the teams I was on:

I was also "Hangaring" some Friday's and Saturday's. Perhaps the most surprising thing was that I managed to avoid any sort of injury.


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