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Thursday, March 08, 2007

I wish I was a girl

Then I could pound volleyballs on the little girls' net all the time :)

I was asked to "help out" at the practice for one of the girl's tri-campus volleyball teams as it was their last practice before the finals and their coaches couldn't make it.

I was enlisted as a blocker and hitter so that they could practice against both. I was told not to hold back :). I have to admit that I took evil pleasure in roofing them and ripping balls on the little net (I think I can get my head fully over that net when I jump). Blocking was actually good practice for the playoffs in reverse 6's co-ed intramurals, which starts next week for me b/c my team got a by this week.

I keep asking them if I can play on their team. I even offered to shave my arm pits and legs, but they wouldn't go for it.


giz lau said...

DOOOO it, shave shave shave!! haha.

Anonymous said...

Do you know Sarah's new blog by any chance?

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