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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Huge burn

We were practicing our defense during my 9-man volleyball team practice today, so there's 6 people blocking and 3 people in the back to dig. We had our big guys blocking so they could practice their positioning, etc. This left 4 of us 5 foot nothing small guys to hit against them.

Chris (the coach/player - he's playing on the team, but also coaches) tells us to do middle hits against them:

Hit fast balls.

*Looks at us*

On second thought, hit 2 balls.


He was calling us short if you didn't catch that :p.

It was actually a really fun drill, at least for us hitters. There would be like 4 tall guys blocking 1 short hitter and we would be cheering when we hit past them b/c none of us are nearly tall enough to be middle hitters :)

My favourite drill was hitting power against 4 blockers. Again, us short guys were cheering when we got the ball through. So much fun! It's not as bad as you think b/c the blockers aren't allowed to penetrate like in court (their hands cannot break the plane of the net), so you don't get roofed. Who would've thought that not penetrating would be fun??!?!!


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