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Monday, March 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Michelle!

Me and the birthday girl

Not the greatest restaurant seating with 3 separated tables. Of course, there was segregation: high school friends, work friends, and volleyballers.

My best pick-up line: Can I redeem this here?

Partial group photo outside of Big Daddy's Crab Shack and Oyster Bar

Waiting in line for the club, Mink, for over an hour. Most people in the pic are in our party.

My photos
Michelle's photos
Mike's photos

Random bullet list!
  • Didn't get home from volleyball practice and "meating" until after 5 pm and basically had to shower, change, and head out the door.

  • The restaurant, Big Daddy's Crab Shack and Oyster Bar, won't seat us until 80% of party is there. The reservation was for 35 and waiting for 28 mostly Asians to get to the restaurant reasonably on time is way too much to ask for.

  • The waiting room quickly becomes segregated into high school friends, volleyballers, and work/lab friends. 28 people will definitely not fit.

  • Michelle is lost and calls for directions.

  • At ~15 people, they let us in, which is dumb b/c they had the table ready and waiting for us the whole time.

  • We were given 3 separated tables and they couldn't do anything about it.

  • I figured that we should do some sort of random seating, otherwise the tables would be segregated like the waiting room. But I guess mixing friends is kinda dangerous.

  • I ended up sitting at the best/most important table as Michelle was at the head of my table.

  • Quick realization that there would be a billion photos based on the number of cameras on the table, which were predominantly Canons (I've been very happy with mine).

  • People made fun of my very blue drink. It was tasty though!

  • Mike: "The menu's green?"

  • Michelle ordered steak at a seafood restaurant. Sad.

  • My best pick-up line: Can I redeem this here?

  • One of Michelle's presents was a volleyball and an impromptu volleyball game almost broke out in the restaurant.

  • Michelle gets a very tasty pie/brownie/cake slice, but the place was too fancy and stuck-up to sing and make a big deal out of it.

  • 2/3 of us (~20) went to the club, Mink, afterwards.

  • Guest list ended at 10, we didn't leave the restaurant until 11.

  • It was pretty warm outside, so the over hour wait wasn't that bad.

  • The bouncers were asses. We were right in the front and they ask us if we would pay an extra $10 / head over the cover to get us all in. We refuse and wait it out. The girls are let in before the guys, but all 20 of us eventually get in.

  • Coat check was full. The place is pretty packed.

  • I get red. Fun-ness ensues.

  • Hannah lasts past 12:42 am with the help of daylight savings.

  • No DCD (dinner, clubbing, and then dinner again)

  • I manage to sneak a ride home from Josh


John said...

heey, u went to a club??

Vince said...

Ya. Why are you so surprised that I went?

Bob said...

looks like an awesome time. I havent been to a club since New Year's. Hey speaking of which, did you ever post pics from that nite??

Vince said...

Ya, check my New Year's post (second link in my previous comment).

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