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Thursday, February 28, 2008

6 more to go

It's been over 2 years since my last blood donation. There was a clinic at MedSci, so I went today. All the registration and screening people were all impressed that I had a blood donation card (Canadian Blood Services sent me the card after my second donation).

Nothing special to report. It was boring donating at MedSci. The ceiling wasn't very interesting. I usually donate when they have clinics in the engineering building and you can see up the crappy atrium thing and see people walking around on the 2nd floor.

To pass the 15 min. while the blood was being pumped out of me, I was just looking around. Small little asian girl that had to stay an inordinate amount of time in the chair because she was looking pale after donating. On the other side of ther room, there's a first time female donor with her 2 friends supporting her. Lone guy donating for the first time takes the little asian's place. Random students walking around inside and outside. Boy do they look young. I haven't spent an extended period of time in non-graduate areas on campus for a while. Nurses walking around, periodically asking if you're doing ok. Volunteers walking around. Donators sitting and drinking juice and eating cookies afterwards. I'm still squeezing the paper towel ball in my hand. Trying to see the pump and my blood bag, but I can't. Ceiling's still pretty boring.

This was my 4th time and I have to donate 6 more times to get the next pin...

At my pace that's going to take a while. I'd do it more frequently, but whenever I see the clinic on campus, I come up with excuses like that I have a volleyball game that night and you're not supposed to exert yourself after donating. I'm also too lazy to find out where the local CBS building is and to book an appointment there instead of just going to clinics on campus.


Anonymous said...

let me know when you go next..i love donating..i think i bad filling record is 5 minutes!

Vince said...

Are you gonna come with me next time? Who is this anyways?

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