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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Day trip to Banff from Toronto

I realized that it's totally possible to make a day trip to Banff to go snowboarding from Toronto! I did half of the day trip yesterday, I just missed out on the part about going back to Toronto :)

Here's the itinerary:

06:45 AM EST - Depart from Toronto airport
09:05 AM MST - Arrive at Calgary airport
10:00 AM MST - Leave Calgary airport in car rental
11:30 AM MST - Arrive in Banff
12:00 PM MST - Snowboarding! (on the slopes for the first run at Sunshine or Norquay)
04:30 PM MST - Leave snow hill (later if you do night skiing as well)
05:00 PM MST - Have brunner (breakfast/lunch/dinner) and relax in Banff
09:30 PM MST - Leave Banff
11:00 PM MST - Arrive at Calgary airport
12:00 AM MST - Depart from Calgary airport (no earlier flights that are possible)
06:00 AM EST - Arrive at Toronto airport

Total cost: ~$550 (including car rental and lift ticket, but not food)

It'd be slightly cheaper per person if there were multiple people to split the car rental. It's a shame that there's no flight at 7pm from Calgary, otherwise you'd be able to make it back to Toronto by 1am.

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Florence said...

I don't know if this brunner idea is going to catch on...

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