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Friday, February 22, 2008

Strange online buying experience

So I'm buying bread online (I figured that I'd give it a shot; stop asking why I'm buying bread online and just accept the fact that I'm doing it and let's continue with the story). Anyways, I fill up my "bread basket" (instead of a shopping cart) and I go to check out. I enter all my info and credit card stuff and I get to the confirmation screen. I notice something about delivery options, so I go back and check to see what options I have.

As I'm doing this, my phone rings. It's someone from the website that I am currently buying the bread from! He's concerned about if I'm having problems with the site because I was about to complete the transaction, but then I went back. How freaky is that???

I tell him why I was going around in circles on his site, and proceed to complete the transaction in fear that he would show up on my doorstep as his next step.


Jill Barrott said...

The stalker gets stalked. I think you should return the favour.

rin tin tin said...

By the time they ship the bread it'll be halfway to expiration :) lol

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