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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Sorry boys, you've lost your chance

Shaved leg for the anesthesia


Zoomed in stitches

Sorry tomcats, you've lost your chance with Tiki. I did as Bob Barker preached and spayed her. She stayed overnight at the vet on Monday, leaving my apartment strangely empty. Tiki was very happy to be home and is doing very well. I was hoping that she'd have a cone b/c it's hilarious when pets have them, but this vet only gives them out if they see them biting or licking the stitches. The stitches come off in a week.

With the removal of her ovaries and uterus, not only does this prevent pregnancies, but it also stops her from going into heat, which I'm told is not a pretty sight. Spaying also eliminates a certain kind of cancer (as long as the spaying is done before the first heat). I'm told that I have to watch her weight more carefully though as spayed cats are more prone to becoming overweight. Tiki's still quite active, much more so than I remember Mi-Mi or Tiggy being, which is good. For the most part, it's not an annoying active lifestyle, aside from her knocking stuff off my desk, bookshelf, and white/bulletin board. She's well behaved as she's non-destructive, non-violent, and listens to her Mommy.

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X said...

Tiki get better! I less than three you.

If she becomes pillow-like, you can always sleep on her! :P

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