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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Long distance online shopping

The Furminator

New watch

I'm not sure how this happened, but Debbie has become my long distance online shopping buddy. First it was VistaPrint, then I bought the Furminator and a new watch off of Ebay. So far they've all been good purchases and good deals, so I'm not complaining per se, just noting this strange trend.

Furminator retail price: $34.95
Ebay price: $16.99 (+$6.95 shipping)

Watch retail price: $175
Ebay price: $69.95 (+$12.95 shipping)

No taxes on either! (both were shipped as a "gift" worth $20 or $25)

Debbie recommended the Furminator to me since she had one and it removes the dead undercoat like crazy on her cat. Watch the videos on the website. It's pretty amazing.

She also has this very peculiar hobby of collecting watches and for some reason or another was sending me links to ebay listings of watches that she was interested in bidding on. That got me thinking that I wanted a new watch, a thought further spurred by the dying of the battery on my old watch, which I replaced anyways because I can't go a day without a watch, otherwise I feel stupid looking at my wrist several times a day and just seeing a freckle instead of the time.

I am now also recommending VistaPrint, the Furminator (see zip lock bag of fur above), and buying watches on Ebay. Stupid Debbie...


Florence said...

I find that ebay can be addictive. I came across this on ebay the other day:

Debbie said...

Lol, I love that you bought some of my suggestions Vince. It's great when I can suggest items to others that have made my life easier so they can benefit as well. I also love sharing my, watch collecting and personalized sticky notes, oh and I can't wait until you wanna buy a car :)

Might I add that this is a two way street! I bought that scratching post and we're probably going to get the litter. So, I too can say "Stupid Vince"...(I bet you don't hear that too often :p)

Vince said...

People routinely curse my name. I'm used to it.

Debbie said...

An aid to your blogging? I made one, it's amazing! I tried a black background and it really worked well.

Asirap said...

I'm back to reading! I think I fell behind when you went on your extended vacation, but now I'm all caught up. Nice watch! Are you sad that your cat is cuter than you?

Vince said...

The blog is back!

I am completely aware that Tiki is cuter than me. I struggled with it initially, but I've since come to terms with it.

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