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Monday, April 24, 2006

Spring cleaning

Very productive day. Finally put away all my papers and documents from Microsoft. Filed away all my mail and old course notes. Yeah for file folders! Cleaned up some loose ends on some things that have been neglected for some time. With all this out of the way, I am now mentally and physically prepared to begin packing!

T minus 5 days!


Rob said...

5 days to pack?? Who do you think you are? Jill? :P

You're only gone for what, 3-4 months? Just throw some clean underwear and a toothbrush in a duffel bag and you're set.

Vince said...

Well, I leave in 5 days, I won't necessarily use all that time to pack... in all likelihood, I'll start packing Friday night :p

herself said...

No no Rob, you have it mistaken. I don't take 5 DAYS to pack, I take 5 BAGS to pack. Regardless of length of stay :P

I don't like packing so I usually don't do it until the very last minute. Plus, being someone who wears contacts I can't pack that stuff up until just before leaving, and being a girl I can't pack up all my face stuff/makeup until the the day of departure. My thoughts on packing though are that as long as I have money, ID and contacts/glasses I can buy anything else I forget.

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