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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Business hours: breakfast - dinner

People often ask me how long I work here at Google, to which I reply,

Breakfast to dinner

It may seem like long hours, but it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make for free food. Work also doesn't seem like work when it's fun. Being in a phd program, I got comfortable with the mentality that I won't work on anything that I don't consider to be cool, fun, and have a big impact. I maintain this attitude in the workplace.

It's also difficult to call it work when you take a nice leisurely scroll to the cafeteria you've never been to across campus with your friends for lunch (since the main cafeteria was closed because of press day and it was crazy busy in the main part of campus), you enjoy a nice bbq outside with friends, and after work, you spend 2 hours with other interns (avg age around 28) frolicking around Google playing the piano, relaxing in the message chairs, snooping around, playing pool, chillin' in the plastic ball pit and treating it like a hot tub while the full-timers look at you funny, playing in Sergey and Larry's play area, and just acting like 5 year olds looking at and touching everything :)

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Peter said...

Whoa, what sort of piano supply do they have? Grands? Steinways? In private studios?

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