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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The drink challenge

6 days so far. 4 or 5 drinks per day. Haven't had the same drink twice! How long can I keep this up? :)

Naked Juice, Vitamin Water, Snapple, fresh fruit smoothies, random juices, Orangina, sparkling apple juice, water, chocolate milk, freshly made cafeteria drinks, fresh young coconut, Powerade, and more. These are only the ones that I've drank!

I haven't even hit the canned soft drinks or the fountain drinks! Though I'm purposely avoiding them. There's tons of coffee, caffeine, and energy drink options, but they don't interest me. I leave those to Michele. I discovered the asian drink fridge, so I'll be adding VitaSoy to the list soon.

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Rob said...

I was all excited for a sec when I read the title of this post, but now my excitement has turned to disappointment. By "drink challenge" I thought you meant you had attempted something like the centurion, or gone toe to toe with someone over some tequila shots or something. But no.. here you are talking about drinking coconut milk. GEEZ!!

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