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Saturday, May 20, 2006


Friday and no Galcohol or Gdinner!!!!1!!1one!!1!!

They were giving out Gtickets for the Da Vinci Code Gmovie, so I guess they Gfigured that there wouldn't be enough Googlers around for TGIF (the Galcohol) or Gdinner. I think that totally violated my human Grights.

I didn't think that Gstarving existed, but today I was forcefully enrolled into the Gstarving alpha tester program and that totally Gsucked.

Our Gplans totally went down the Gdrain with the Gnews that there was no Gdinner. We had to Ghunt for Gfood and we Graided all the Gmicro-kitchens. We Gsurvived on Gice cream, Gcereal, Gchips, and Gdrinks.

There were no parking Gspots or Gseats in the Gtheatre (had to sit in the Gfront row and got a little Gmotion sick). Worse yet, we didn't get any free Gpopcorn or Gdrinks! The Gannouncement mentioned free Gfood, but apparently it was only for the midnight Gshow. The Gmovie was Gok, but nothing Gspecial.

Let's hope for everyone's Gsake that this Gstarving program never makes it past the alpha stage as it's a horrible Gproduct. I'm going to remove myself from this Gprogram next Gweek and Ghope to never have to Gexperience it again.

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