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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Wow, that is cold!

No hot water. I really needed to shower... Shrinkage is an understatement.

Apparently the hot water tank somewhere in the complex blew so they had to turn off the hot water. It could be worse, it could be flooding in here.

I had to shower b/c I had played 2 hours of volleyball (only 48 hours after landing :p). It was actually a clinic. While I've been playing for... umm... 13 years, I was only coached for the first 6 and I've been wanted to be coached again for some time. Good thing I have a car, otherwise it'd be pretty impossible to get to volleyball :p.

It was alright. It's supposed to be intermediate/advanced (have to have at least the basic skills). Level of play was like typical rec pick-up. The instruction was alright, but each person doesn't get much attention b/c there's like 30-something of us and only one of him. He doesn't even have any assistant instructors.

I think I'm gonna pass on pick-up for the next little while and only do this (it's every Monday) until my knee feels better.


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