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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

More errands...

$25 drop fee waived. Free upgrade of 2 car sizes (from an economy car blue Dodge Neon to a standard car silver Chevrolet Cobalt). Free car wash. 1 hour (it was busy and they didn't have any cars there). I would have liked power windows, power lock doors, and remote access though... I wouldn't have minded to have kept the Dodge Neon, but there was damage that they didn't have marked down on their system (apparently some genius decided to put chains on the wheels).

The guy at Black Diamond Sports laughed when I said I had lost a screw on my rollerblade. Then he proceeded to trash my rollerblades. He suggested that I just get new 'blades instead of trying to find a replacement screw and getting new laces and wheels. I've been considering getting a new pair for a while now since I do use them quite a bit. If I can twist Google's bike purchase discount to apply to rollerblades, it'll be a no brainer and then I can have my family bring my old 'blades back when they visit.


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