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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Volleyball clinic notes

This post is pretty much just for my reference. It's things that I should remember when on the court (collected over the past 3 weeks).

  • focus on platform - Tom suggested even separating my wrists slightly to form an even flatter platform

  • keep low

  • arms out at almost 90 degrees

  • when passing, platform moves in direction of where you want the ball to go, so if you're facing away from the setter, you need to drop a shoulder

  • during serve receive, watch server, try to predict where the serve is going, know where it's going less than half way to the net

  • keep hitting elbow high throughout, starting with the toss

  • aim for the same vulnerable places as in defence - back corners

  • last two steps almost simultaneous

  • fast approach means higher vertical

  • elbow high

  • power comes from trunk rotation - put body weight through the ball

  • hard shot down the line or cross court corner are vulnerable

  • big hands in like a cup shape

  • arms not close together (cover as much space as possible)

  • seal the net and reach over

  • maintain seal as long as possible

  • jump straight up and down

  • about the length of your forearm away from the net

  • take away as much of the court as possible - line up right shoulder with the hitter's right shoulder

  • watch the passer's platform - predict where the ball is going and what options the setter has


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