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Friday, May 05, 2006

My celebrity encounter

I had a new hire luncheon today and the guest speaker was Matt Cutts! It was just for us interns, so it was pretty small. I was chuckling half the time b/c I read his blog and what he was saying was the stuff he talks about on his blog.

Matt works to fight spam websites (they are websites that contain no useful information and attempt to trick Google into ranking them high in some searches so they get traffic and try to make money by selling ads or running affliate programs). He was like, "let's put on our black hats and think like a spammer, how can we fool Google?" He told us some really interesting stuff and all these sneaky ways that spammers trick Google. Again, more confidential stuff :)

The other talks today weren't as good as yesterday's where they were basically telling us how Google worked. Tomorrow should be good. I get to be humiliated in front of the entire company, including Larry and Sergey.

I managed to control my food consumption better today. I was still kinda full all day and had to force myself to eat at lunch and dinner. The cantelope and blueberry drink at lunch today was pretty good. Every meal (day?) they have a special drink in these dispensers that tastes hand made. Well, at least it doesn't taste like anything that I've ever bought. I was much farther away from a permanent food coma today.

The "more out" part of my equation really kicked in today. My squatting technique that I perfected at MSR has really served me well. Not only is it more sanitary, but I also exercise my leg muscles at the same time! And you know how some people recognize stall neighbours by what shoes they were wearing? I noticed my badge hanging right by my shoes and was like ummm..... and tucked it in my pocket until I was done.


Anonymous said...

wait a second... you squat? Like you put your feet on the seat? Is that what you're saying?

Vince said...

No, no. It's as if you're going to sit on the seat, but you don't ever touch it, rather, you hover over it. This advanced technique requires strong leg muscles and intense concentration as any failure during execution can be disastrous. Swiftness is key here as this position cannot be held for prolonged periods of time.

Bob said...

You mean you don't crap standing up like a normal man??

Vince said...

Remind me to go to the washroom before going to your new condo.

Anonymous said...

wow you would need some intense leg muscles to hover like that... i dont think going to the washroom should become some sort of olympic sport. i think ppl should sit, relax, ponder, and see what may happen. it must be insane timing it just so and hovering like that. stupid discipline! tired of all the discipline. you shouldnt need discipline to take a crap!!!

Vince said...

That's why I prefer to go at home where I can sit and relax with my laptop... which... umm... I am not doing right now

Bob said...

Doing a little "downloading" are we??

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