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Monday, December 18, 2006

iCook Sugar

I am disturbingly full...

First, I went with Jamie, Esther, and Trish to iCook. Hot pot buffet! It blew my mind. You got your own little pot, with whatever soup base you wanted (I just went with the regular chicken stock), then there's an actual buffet line of raw food for the hot pot! Usually with hot pot, you have to keep ordering. I've never seen a buffet line. They had a lot of spices and sauces as well and free fountain drinks :). The execution was quite well done and I ate A LOT. Two massively high piled plates. The food was alright, not amazing though. I was a little disappointed with the fish balls. They weren't very "song". They were also running out of stuff (namely veggies) near the end of the night. I liked the beef, tofu, and mushrooms :). I've been to places with better food (Times I think), but I really like the personalized little pot and the buffet line.

The girls were too full for dessert, but I insisted on going as I have been craving Chinese dessert for a while. I had red bean earlier today at Pho Hung (well, the "3 colour" drink), but wanted more red bean still. I didn't get red bean tonight though. We went to The Sugar to get takeout. I got the "House Special Super Golden Sago Mixed (sea coconut, mixed fruit, and ice cream golden sago mixed)". Ya, I wouldn't know what it was either if you just told me that. It was mango "sei mei lo" (small tapico) with fruit. It was rather tasty. Oh, I just found a picture:

I don't get either of these two things (hot pot in a restaurant and Chinese dessert) in Winnipeg and there are no Chinese dessert places in downtown :(

I'm struggling to fight against the food coma right now. Still SO FULL.


John said...

there's a place called iCook? lol. they must like macs as much as i do.
it sounds interesting tho, do they have a website?

Vince said...

Hahaha, ya, it's even spelled with a little "i" :p. I smell a trademark infringement case brewing.

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