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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Reminder to self: bus stop is on the East side

Stupid 192 Airport Rocket (bus) left the subway station 2 min. early and I just missed it. I was about 1.5 bus lengths behind, but thought I was ok, b/c there was a girl in front of me running.

I even tried to be all clever today, as I walked all the way to the West side of the platform when I got onto the subway to save time later, only to find out that the bus stop was actually on the East side, so not only did I waste effort walking the entire length of the subway twice, but it also caused me to miss the bus. I ended up having to wait 20 min., at which point, that bus left a few min. late :s. The airport wasn't busy though, so I was still plenty early.

Home is just as I left it. There's actually snow here, not much, but there's snow and it's refreshingly cold (below -10), so it feels a little bit more Christmasy. The tree's up as well. I donno though, I'm just not feeling the holiday spirit yet. It'll hit sooner or later...


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