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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Offline blogger gathering

Justin, Vince, Jill, and Rob

First time the four of us have been in the same place since we all started blogging, except Justin has basically stopped blogging. Jill, I checked, and your first post was Jan. 14th. Since then, I was out of town, and then Justin was out of town, etc., etc. Things overheard this evening:

Oh, it's weird seeing you here. I don't expect you to be in town. I expect to talk to you online.

It's in my blog. (This was said several times)

Some how we got talking about blogging (however did that subject come up???) and one thing led to another and we started a new joint venture! Nothing big, but it'll be pretty cool. I'll leave the real announcement to later once we've got it going in a more developed state.

Despite having many movies and video games on hand, we ended up watching the "fire channel" all evening. It was always exciting to see the hand put the new log on, and the point of the video where it fades back to the beginning of the loop.


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