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Monday, December 11, 2006

Takes me back to junior high school

I went to go play badminton at Brown Community Centre with Tina, Donna, Sue (who asked that I bring her some mango pudding), and Darren. It took me back to Laidlaw as that was the last time I had played badminton. It was pretty fun, though it took a little bit to remember how to play and I'm still not that great. I was able to beat some old people though.

There were tons of people - 30+. 3 courts. Even with doubles on each court, there was a lot of sitting off. I think my record was 2-3 for the afternoon.

My right arm is pretty sore. My forearms are tired from gripping the racket for so long and my shoulder is tired. I was using muscles I just don't normally use, which is odd b/c it should be similar to a volleyball hit, but maybe I just used it more, or more likely, I used muscles I wasn't supposed to use b/c of my poor form :p

Afterwards, we went to Teppanyaki Sushi (maybe that's not it's actual name) near Don Mills and Eglinton (Ontario Science Centre and one of the few Superstores, but still not as Super as in Winnipeg). It was my first time having Teppanyaki, which is Japanese food where they cook it right at the table. I found it very amusing to watch. It's cool b/c you get to eat the food right after it comes off the grill, so it's nice and hot. You also eat as it's made :)

Tina dropped me off at the Loblaws near her place and I picked up a giant bag of frozen fruit (for blending of course) and some miscellaneous groceries before rollerblading home (only took like 10 min. b/c it was downhill :)). Then I did some hardcore vegging. Nice start to my vacation :)

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mimmers said...

VINCE!! The teppanyaki place is called memories of japan and I love it there!!

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