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Monday, July 24, 2006

Belated birthday wishes...

Shit, I sent both of you guys e-mails on your birthday, but forgot to post a blog birthday wish! Such a shame since you two are two of my most loyal readers...

So, without further ado,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEVIN AND SARAH!!! There was something about that exact day on Earth, which created two great people.

Sorry again. I'm going to blame the fact that I did 4 blog posts that night and didn't want to overload my readers, but in reality, I just forgot that I was doing birthday wishes on my blog. Consider all that writing birthday gifts :p


Sarah said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes! I don’t *think* I’ve met Sarah (?), but I’m proud to share the same birthday as her nonetheless! =)

Vince said...

Well, Sarah and I are just Internet friends, except that we first met in person, and then worked in the same office last year and her cube was on the otherside of my wall.

Hmm... maybe you haven't met her... It's probably b/c I met her in my first year of phd in Aarabi's microphone arrays class and you were in your second year of masters and not taking courses. And Sarah and I weren't really friends until we started IM'ing and mutually blogging when I was in Seattle.

It's funny b/c last year you guys were like living a block from each other. 1101 vs 1001 :p

Sarah said...

this is true. even in our live interactions we mainly talk about the internet.

the best part about being internet friends is that i get the key to decrypt some of the blog posts.

when vince and i met i was in undergrad if you were doing your masters i would have only met you if you were my TA :)

Vince said...

Grrr... stop pretending that you have the key.

There's a saying for that in Chinese. You're stirring around the shit pile.... (causing it to smell)

Sarah said...


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