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Monday, July 31, 2006

Ultimate Skirt Pictures




More pictures

Pictures from Ultimate Skirts. Unfortunately, the photos are quite limited (us skirts forgot to take pictures) and not everyone is in the pictures. Plus, we forgot to get a group picture :(

The best was when Anna, Mike's gf, called him up the day after and was like "So, you were playing frisbee in a hot pink mini-skirt?" Mike was flabbergasted because he hadn't told her yet. I apparently have a reader in Switzerland ;). The thing is that I tend to blog late at night and with the time difference, she read the post before Mike :).

Yes, I've had enough of linking to Mike Perrow and have decided to go with variety. Note that anytime I link to peoples' names multiple times in a post, they are generally to different (compromising) photos :D.

Here's a random picture from Six Flags Marine World last Sunday. It was 40-something degrees (Celsius) outside (HOT) and Brian left his Starbucks Cup in his car. It used be be a grande or whatever is a big size.

Melted Starbucks Cup


Anonymous said...

Yeah, that was fun. Thanks for helping me keep him on his toes :-)

So no pics of Mike in the skirt? I'm sure he's really disappointed. The other pics aren't coming up in google image searches yet - looks like you've still got some work to do.

Vince said...

I'll be sure to keep this blog as the definitive source for dirt on Mike. Now that I have this new found power, Mike is basically my bitch, otherwise I'll post about that time with that skank, I mean.... nothing....

Just joking. Mike's been a good boy, well, up until he started taking narcotics.

I was quite disappointed that there were no pictures of Mike or Brian in skirts :(

It wasn't one of us taking pictures, it was just one of the other frisbee players who didn't know us and I think he was just playing with his (massive) camera.

Anonymous said...

I want the Google one ! :)

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