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Monday, July 17, 2006

Mark, you will be missed

Mark liked this photo of us at the Palace of Fine Art outside the Exploratorium because we were all doing our own thing.
Janna, Emine, Sean, Vince, Brian, Mike, Adam

Mark's farewell dinner

More Pictures

Mark has left us. It was a very sad moment. The first intern in the group to leave. Mark, this is your personalized blog post. Adam, stop being jealous.

Here are some of Mark's greatest moments (there are many more, I have just forgotten them):
  • "I was so bad at it that I couldn't submit any more of them to it" -- Mark on why he was marching in the gay pride parade

  • "Is that you holding the Google banner?" -- one of Mark's friends upon seeing the gay pride parade photo on Google's intranet homepage

  • Swimming in Google's ball pit

  • "9 cameras can see me right now *looks around nervously*"

  • "Google Orbital Death Ray"

  • "Turkey ramp"

  • Rengstorff the polar bear

  • "Hey, you should write 'Caution: This is not a Hallway'"

  • The asian squat

  • Hornets from hell

  • "One quarter of all Americans are cannibals" -- quoting a well-informed woman on the MUNI

  • "What??!?!?! You have a girlfriend??!?!?!111one1!??" -- all of us 1 week before Mark's departure when Mark announces that his gf is visiting

  • Mark at breakfast for the first time on his second last day

Before he left, we had "Operation Get Mark Trashed", which was a huge success :). We skipped Miyake because Ari was with us and right as we were going to check if our table was ready, a cop was asked to talk to the bouncer b/c he took someone's ID b/c he thought it was fake. In the end, it definitely worked out for the best.

We went to Nola's and got a private room upstairs for dinner and drinks. We got pitchers of Hurricanes and Margaritas. Like 10 of them. There were beads on the table and pitchers. Where there are beads, there is flashing. Except that it was only us guys that were flashing. Flashing eventually led to the removal of clothing. Jon started it and Adam and I followed. I wanted to see the look on the waitress's face when she came back, but we re-clothed before that happened, though it was close. It was a lot of fun being holed up in our own little area b/c we could just go crazy, as evidenced by some of the photos.

After, we hit 7-Eleven for booze and made the 20-30 min. walk to my place, where it was always just 1 or 2 more blocks away. The walk was rather sobering. We just chilled at my place. Mark, Adam, and Jon had the bright idea to attempt a centurian (a shot of beer every minute 100 times) after a substantial amount of pre-drinking. Mark and Brian shared a fine $8 bottle of wine. I slowed it down by only drinking a beer I had stolen from TGIF a while ago.

Adam got sick and defiled my toilet after 16. Mike and Jon apparently lasted to about 40. There was A LOT of empty beer cans and bottles after that.

Fortunately Fabiola was driving Jon home and also took Brian, Mike, and Adam, otherwise it would have been rather crowded. Mark and Natalia crashed at my place as originally planned.

In the morning Mark was still feeling it and had an "incident" after showering. Mission accomplished. He left Saturday at like midnight, so Heidi and I spent the day with him going for good dim sum in Milipitas and then just chilling at Heidi's new place and then mine.

This summer was a blast!!! Mark, you will definitely be missed. Lunches and dinners will never be the same. Google won't be the same. If you're in Toronto in the next 2 years or so, be sure to give me a ring or I might just come by Ann Arbor. Keep in touch man.


Sarah said...

UMMM what's with your shirt in those pics? What, one 4th of july south of the border and you're fullout sporting the flag! LOL

looks like someone has forgetten their roots!

Vince said...

Just trying to blend in :p

But I guess it wasn't really necessary since our group of ~11 only had 2-3 full out Americans. Mark claims to be American, but he's Canadian. That's the only reason we hang out with him.

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