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Thursday, July 06, 2006


This is the pre-Jill weekend blog entry.

  • Volleyball with the locals
    • Finally went to an open gym volleyball. Went to Wilcox High School in Santa Clara b/c City Beach was closed that week. Quality wasn't great, but I was smacking it pretty good. Cute girls on my team :). Though they looked rather high schoolish. One was there with her brother (who couldn't play) and their parents were watching.

  • Ditched Michele #1
    • I was too tired to go to a club with a Playboy bunny in San Jose, plus surfing the next day.

Saturday (Happy Canada Day!)
  • Went surfing at Cowell's beach in Santa Cruz
    • MUCH easier than Pacifica. You could actually get past the waves, wait for a swell, catch the wave, stand up, and ride it! Much better for learning how to surf, although there were way too many people. I found it quite easy to stand on the boards we got (big styrofoam boards) and it was rather natural to control it (like a snowboard). Water was still frickin' freezing even with a wet suit.

  • O Canada...
    • Since it was Canada Day, Adam and I sang O Canada out in the water while waiting for a wave. It was awesome. We sang the whole song, then caught a sick wave and were standing side-by-side surfing. I went to give him a high five, but he thought that I was trying to push him over, so he pushed me, but he fell over. Later on, Natalia and I were able to surf side-by-side and we accomplished the high-five feat while surfing!

  • Loud crashes and Mike's awesome morning face
    • You'll have to ask Adam about this one. He went to go wake Mike up to come surfing, but Mike was not nearly awake enough.

  • Ditched Michele #2
    • Stupid Michele, Jon, and Jenny stayed up until like 4 and got 3 hours of sleep, so they didn't come surfing. Also, with Jon crashing and burning at Michele's, Mark had no way of getting to Santa Cruz. Went with Natalia, Adam, Brian, Janna, and Erik (who lives in SC). Michele, Jon, and Jenny eventually met up with us, but I had to take off to pick up Jill and Janna wasn't feeling great. Mark almost made it, but he just missed the Caltrain, so the poor SF dweller was stuck in the city.


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