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Monday, July 10, 2006

Happy Birthday Amy!

Amy's makeshift birthday cake

More Pictures

After spending the day in SF with my family at Muir Woods (big Redwoods), Chinatown, Fisherman's Wharf, Alcatraz, and Union Square, I met up with Amy et al for her semi-surprise birthday bash.

First, we had drinks and appetizers at Dylan's condo in SF. Those were some pretty strong vodka and red bull drinks. Next, we hit Mr. Smith's. Crappy name for a bar/lounge/club, but nice place with a nice crowd.

The highlights at Mr. Smith's included bar dancing by Amy and Amber, Amber's subsequent fall onto her back off the bar, me passed out on the couch for who knows how long (my stomach didn't feel good from the al-key-hol), me waking up and not seeing any familiar faces, random cute girl sitting next to me and talking to me while I try and find my bearings, and me hitting my second wind on the dance floor.

Amy, John, and I head back to Dylan's after, where Amy was bright enough to have left her car keys (not that she was in any form to drive back). Dylan had gone back early with Amber after she fell off the bar and had deadlocked the door. Ringing the doorbell and banging on the door for like 10 min. proved to be futile. Amy, luckily enough was on the permanent guest list and managed to get the key from security. I crashed on the couch, they crashed on the floor. The whole time Dylan and Amber were completely passed out. With the assistance of the sun, we woke up at like 7-something and headed back to Palo Alto.

Got back just in time to shower and then get picked up by my family to head right back into San Francisco :)


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