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Monday, October 24, 2005

Being a sub for a team

Because of my superior Canadian volleyball technique, I've been asked to play for 3 different volleyball teams down here in Seattle. One team wanted me full-time, but that team was a mess and I didn't want to have to invest time and effort into the team as I have 3 teams waiting for me back in Toronto. Two teams wanted me to play for them tonight because they were both short players. I decided to play on the men's team with a bunch of guys from pick-up at the Pro Club. It was fun and I had a good time. I was hitting better than I've ever hit. I've never gotten so many kills in my life. We won all 4 games.

So, back to the intent of this post. Playing as a substitute for a team is an interesting concept. You're only there temporarily, replacing someone who couldn't be there. You're obviously not good enough to be a permant player (well, in my case, of course I'm amazing, but my excuse is that I'm only here temporarily). It can be difficult to mesh with the team since you're not familiar playing with them (well, today was different b/c I play with those guys every week, except one, who I didn't know). You want to do the best you can to help the team, but in the end, you don't reap the rewards. You and your performance is just one huge favour to the team, yet they can blame you for any mistakes you make (but that's not a very nice team if they do). So, in the end, you have to have enjoyed yourself, otherwise what's the point. I thought I had more of a point, but I guess not.


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