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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Convocations and Operations

A bit of delayed (read: old) news, but I'm gonna post it anyways.

My younger cat, Tigger/Tiggy, had an operation on Monday to remove a skin mast cell tumor on his back. It was found to be benign and he's recovering well from the surgery. Here are some pictures of him, his stitches, and his cone! Cones on animals are hilarious! Tiggy actually looks pretty cute with the cone this time. (cones are so they don't lick/bite the stitches)

In other news, my younger sister had her convocation at the University of Manitoba on Thursday. As my older sister is already working as a pharmacist, this leaves me as the last one in school. I'm all about supporting the profession of being a perpetual student. My older cat now has 3 high school degrees, 3 bachelor of sciences (1 in engineering), and a pharmacy degree. Here's a shot of the family back in Winnipeg.


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