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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Online Handle

I've decided that I need a new online handle....

Veenix is no longer unique enough (Google search).

I'm taking suggestions.... (just fill out the form and drop it in the comment box)

The main criteria is that a Google search should come out with zero hits and you should be able to make a Hotmail account without having to modify the handle (good indications if the handle is unique).

So far I've come up with:
VEpitome (Vincent or video epitome or just something that sounds cool)
Dr. Mooboy / drmooboy (an older version of a childhood nick)

This reminds me of an article I was reading earlier today about funny domain names, like:
Who Represents -> ->
Therapist Expert ->
Students Exchange ->
Pen Island ->
Via Grafix ->

A cool handle could have something funny like this.... but maybe not so perverted.


Sarah said...

vepitome is better than the doctor one...unless you want to be doctor audio.

haha those are pretty funny domain names!

Vince said...

...there's already a

Anyways, I wouldn't want something as silly, trivial, and embarrassing as "audio" in my nickname. Still no Google Audio by the way...

It's hard to come up with a handle that's not cheesy or pretentious like "Princess Sarah" :p

Vince said...

hmm.... what's the etiquette on commenting on your own blog? Is it just a shallow way of inflating your popularity?

Sarah said...

i am all about commenting on your own blog...the worst is when someone doesnt reply to their comments!

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