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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Blog Comment Spam

Within minutes of my last post, I already had 2 comment spams. You now have to do the word verification thing to post comments. Take that stupid computers with poor character recognition!


Sarah said...

MT has much better spam fighting methods. It is really good at recognizing spam. It deletes it (or makes it unvisible until I moderate the comment) and rebuilds my blog in the background. Amazing.

Yeah, I blame this all on google. People are so desperate to increase their page ranks - they need every link they can get!

Vince said...

Well, this word verification thing is basically fool-proof and isn't too much of an inconvenience.

Speaking about page rank, you should speak for yourself, you're totally into pushing your links everywhere you can :p, but hey, so am I :)

Anonymous said...

Google's March 2005 patent reveals us that links from comments don't play a single role in Google's PR computation. PR has no effect on you SERPS anyway, I don't understand why people are absesed with the little green line. It's SEO that counts...

Vince said...

Unfortunately, it still doesn't stop people from spamming blogs. That's partly why I was apprehensive about your first post.

Sarah said...

i know it hardly affects pr. but i think it used to. enough people think it still does.

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