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Saturday, October 22, 2005

More Blog Eye Candy

I added "Peek-a-boo" comments to my blog. If you have Javascript enabled and you click the "# comments" under one of the posts, the comments pop-up under the post without having to leave or reload the main page! If you don't have Javascript enabled, then the comments link points to the post page with the comments at the bottom.

Try it! Click the "# comments" link. Click it again to hide the comments.

Update (later that day):  fixed some stuff and now it works for the Microsoft whores using IE.

Update (even later that day):  changed the link to say "Show # comments", which switches to "Hide # comments" when the comments are shown.


Sarah said...

oh will soon exhaust all these hacks and have to move onto a real system.

i predict this page will post a link to your new (non-blogger) blog. :)

Vince said...

Never! My Lord, Google, would never allow such a heinous crime!

You're just jealous of the superior features that my blog has! Who opens comments in a new window anymore!?!

Mission Musings said...

Why is it better to have comments open in a new window?

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