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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Coming and goings, well, I guess maybe just goings

A good friend of mine left the country this morning to go home. Kinda sucks that I did my internship at a funny time. I can hardly be called a summer intern since I'm here August - November. All the other summer interns I met have now left. Fortunately the "winterns" (winter, or Waterloo, interns) have filled their place, but they're all undergrad, and such, aren't in my building, so it's hard to meet them. I've met a bunch of people from all over the world since I've been here - Canada, Mexico, Spain, Serbia, Germany, Britain, and more. The rarest people around here are Americans, j/k. There's a lot of "imports" around here and I've found a couple situations where the single American in the group looks around and suddenly realizes that he/she is the minority in his/her own country :)


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