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Friday, October 28, 2005

Microsoft Parties

So, the Microsoft research halloween party was today, hence all the kids running around and screaming for candy. I was too lazy to dress up and didn't feel like buying or making a costume, although there were prizes for the best costume for employees. So generally at these soirees, it's very family oriented, like at the research picnic, they had ponies, tug-of-war, those big blow up jumping things, and some other activities. There's also some snack food at these things, hey, can't beat free food (the food here's not free like at Google). At these events, there's also free wine, beer, and coolers ;). The research wine-down (a get together at the end of every month), also had some snacks and drinks, but no activities and few kids.

Anyways, I've been swiping drinks and bringing them home, since I didn't want to drink there b/c I had driven to work. Now, I have enough in my fridge to get me hammered!..... 2 coolers


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