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Monday, October 24, 2005

FYI for the regular readers out there...

What is going on??? (said in Matt Kennedy Gould's voice from Joe Schmo)

Well, reader, I made a post about sleep, then I blatently self-promoted myself by submitting my post to digg. You can read my previous post about digg here.

The end result is that enough people thought my post was worthy enough of a read, so then it got promoted to the front page of digg. Then, all hell broke loose and I've been getting thousands of hits ever since (you can check my site stats from the link on the sidebar). Fortunately, it's not my server :).

Here's the link from the digg site. There are more comments there. People seem to be generally acceptive of it and are willing to try, because heck, why not? A number of people are also saving my post to their page, as seen here.

So, as a follow up to my previous post on digg vs Slashdot, I'm liking digg because I'm getting a lot of hits. I'm not sure what to think about this. One, a post like mine and others like it, would never have made it onto Slashdot as it's not "news". But on the other hand if it's useful to people, shouldn't people know about it? The thing about digg is that if enough people think it's worthy, then others get to know about it.

So, my loyal readers, continue to read on. Ultimately, I value you more than these in-and-outters. Don't worry, I won't forget the little people if I get famous.

Update (later that day):  The best thing ever was when "Princess" was freaking out about my site being on digg and the sudden fame of my blog, and then she checked her favourite blog of someone she doesn't know, and my post was on the list of recently "dugg" articles on the sidebar :D


Sarah said...

grrrr :@

stupid World.

finally i am the first to comment again!!

Sarah said...

funny thing is, the "famous" post is the only one i havent read yet

Vince said...

My blog does feel strange with you not being the first one to comment and then me commenting on your comment, thus instantly doubling the number of comments that I have :p

Vince said...

I bet you're still commenting as an attempt to feed of my fame. That way when others read my other posts, they'll see your comment and invariably click the link on your name and eventually get to your blog :p

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