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Monday, June 26, 2006

The adventure is getting there

If it's any comfort to you, I have no idea where we are.

  -- me after Heidi telling a harrowing story, which was indirectly partially my fault, while driving Friday night and having completely missed the turn-off several miles back

The 880 is closed for construction, but it'll be more entertaining if I don't tell him.

  -- me after letting Michele take the lead after I missed the turn-off by a couple miles

Took us 4 hours to get to Santana Row in San Jose (the drive back was 15-20 min.). Blame Heidi for it b/c she was telling an engaging story. The whole way, Heidi, Adam, and I were telling revealling stories of our most recent break-ups and we were having a good time.

At one point, we drove past a 99 Ranch Market, which is the American version of T & T, and is a Western style Asian supermarket. It's the most amazing supermarket! So much good food inside! There were also strip malls of Chinese restaurants and stores. We got excited b/c we had finally found authentic Chinese cuisine! Michele was not so happy with us at this moment and didn't answer his cell, so I U-turned and we ate there :). So good :). My stomach was content. I haven't had authentic Chinese food for like months. We also went for dessert after in an Asian dessert place and it hit the spot.

Adam taught me a new way to type text messages! It's the T9 system (I know it's not a new thing, but it's super brand new to me). I had always been using the triple-tap crap (i.e. press "2" 3 times to type a "c"), but now I just type in the numbers corresponding to where the letter will be and it will guess what word it should be! Awesome! I can write messages like 10 times faster now :).

We eventually made it to Santana Row and met up with Michele, his roommate, and Jenny. We didn't stay long b/c Heidi ran off and we went around looking for her. She needs a leash.

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Anonymous said...

San Francisco is supposed to have the second largest Chinatown outside of China (The New York one rivals it) but I guess that's a bit of a trip just to satisfy a food craving. They have a fortune cookie factory there though, that has to be worth the trip! (Okay, I've been doing a little research in preparation for the trip...can you tell?)

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