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Thursday, June 01, 2006

I'm pretty much a billionaire

Sergey and I think and behave alike:
  • We both use Powerbooks

  • We both use our Powerbooks on the toilet (I saw him coming out of a stall with his)

  • We both play volleyball in the middle of the work day when we should be doing work (it's really killing my productivity)

  • We both work at Google

All I need now is to find my "Larry" and become a billionaire. My mentor told me to change my "Future Millionaire" shirt to read "Future Billionaire" since being a millionaire at Google impresses nobody.


Peter said...

How do you keep seeing Sergey in the washroom? Is your office next to his or something? Or do you stake-out the one he uses?

Vince said...

I can pretty much see Sergey and Larry's office from my cubicle (I could if I could see over the cubicle walls). That washroom is the closest one to all of us.

I will refrain from commenting on issues relating to stake-outs and stalking.

Michele said...

The truth is: Vincent's cubicle is IN the washroom ... for some reason :P

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