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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Teacher for a day

Feel like all I did today was teach.

I gave a talk at Google to a crowd of mostly PhD interns. I invited my non-PhD intern and full-time friends to come to stack the audience in my favour. Pretty good showing. I'd guess on the order of 50 - 75 people. I gave my Video Epitomes talk, which is always fun to give and is fun for the audience because of all the pretty pictures and videos. It was quite beneficial for me too in that it got me in contact with two other interns working on similar projects, even though I'm not doing video or epitome stuff here. I can't say what I'm doing aside from "organizing the world's information and making it universally accessible and useful".

Then, later in the day, I had my first session of volleyball lessons for the interns. I only had 6 students show up for the drills (which is a nice small number, but I expected more), but it ballooned to 12 when we played a game (some came late and we accidently picked up a full-timer off the street). I went over passing and serving today. I was quite pleased in the improvement that they showed. It just touched me every time one of my students served an ace or made a nice pass *tear*.


Sarah said...

you really did teach all day. lol dispensing your knowledge to the world

Anonymous said...

hey are you really posting between 3 and 4 am or is that toronto time?

Vince said...

That's Toronto time. And yes, I love dispensing useful information.

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