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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Thanks Tom

Yesterday was the last volleyball class for the clinic that I was going to in Sunnyvale. It was with Tom Jack, the coach of the boys team for Los Gatos High School and he runs the website.

The clinic was like 8 classes. It was ok. I don't think it helped me that much, aside from the drills. Actually going to the clinic was most beneficial in giving me ideas for how to coach. I want to coach like a junior high school or high school team once I start working full time. And right now I'm giving lessons to some of the interns.

I would have liked to have gone over setting. I also would have preferred more drills and less play. I was paying to learn, not to play. If I wanted to play, I'd go to an open gym since the players there weren't particularly good. Also, I felt that I didn't get enough feedback from Tom, as there were like 30-something students and just one of him. Plus, my form was already decent going in, but could still be better, but he didn't seem to concentrate on the advanced players. The biggest thing I learnt was to be a smarter player by watching the server and watching the hitter to anticipate where the ball will go - watch the position of the body, watch the arm, watch the hand.

I think I learnt more skill-wise from the Stanford clinic, especially with hitting, or at least hitting harder. It's too bad that Tom wasn't even there for the last class, apparently he had some other commitment.

I'm gonna try out for varsity this year. Either as setter or libero. Really though, I just want to be coached again and go to practise and get better, so if I don't make the team, I'll see if I can just go to their practises.


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