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Saturday, June 03, 2006

All girls slumber party

In homage to Jill's recent post, this post is only for us girls.

Mimi, Anne, and Jamie flew down to LA last weekend and then drove up here to San Francisco with Mimi's "uncle" and "uncle's" gf. It's "uncle" b/c while technically he is, he's like only a few years older than us.

I met up with them at their hotel near the airport late in the evening and we had an all girls slumber party! This being my first all girls slumber party, it didn't quite meet my high expectations with respect to skimpy clothing and pillow fights. I'll be sure to bring my skanky lingerie next time.

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Anonymous said...

Before you bring out the frills and lace, make sure you get properly fitted or "the girls" may not be properly supported.

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