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Monday, June 19, 2006

Screw it, I don't need to sleep this weekend

More Pictures

Busy and exhausting weekend.

  • Aperol
    • Went to a party with Michele and Jenny introducing Aperol, an Italian orange liquor, to the US. Situation around the aquisition of the invitation by Michele is still a bit foggy.

  • "Shut-up Michele and drink"

  • Do you believe in love at first sight or do I have to walk by again?
    • I found my "invitation to flirt" match with the first person we talked to.

  • Jon, you need a cell phone (Part 3)
    • Jon finally found us (after we left the party to get food at YoYo Sushi before heading to the club). He called me from the cell phone of some random person he found on the street.

  • GPosh
    • I don't think it's too much to expect quality food and service if I'm actually going to pay for food, considering that I get good food and friendly service for free.

  • Unmarked club
    • Not sure what the club was called, but it was across the street from the Italian furniture store. Despite my objections, Jenny tried to set me up with my "invitation to flirt" match, who was like as old as my mom.

  • I don't know what happened, but I woke up and it was 4 am and I was home
    • Lost while driving in SF, looking for Jon's place. Of course, he was very helpful drunk and none of us knew SF. Oh, and we didn't have any maps. Not sure what happened b/c I fell asleep in the car. Apparently Michele got pulled over right as he got to his place to switch drivers with Jenny, but nothing happened.

  • Sacramento!
    • Went to Sac with Adam (Jahmeilah pulled out b/c she was sick) for the AVP Pro Beach Volleyball tournament. Only about a 2 hour drive from the South Bay.

  • Awesome volleyball
    • Saw Mike Lambert and Stein Metzger beat Todd Rogers and Phil Dalhausser (who won the last 4 tournaments), and then go on to win the finals over Jake Gibb and Sean Rosenthal.

  • Ah, Rachel...
    • Caught a game where Rachel Wacholder and Elaine Youngs beat Holly McPeak and Nicole Branagh. Hot and amazing at volleyball.... *falls into a day dream*

  • Roasting
    • It was SO hot. Like 35 degrees, not a single cloud in the sky, and the sun was just burning. The thermometer on the court was maxed out in the sun. Sat/stood in the sun for like 4 hours straight. I wasn't even playing and I was dripping in sweat. My arms were shiny and wiping my arms or back left me with a very wet hand.

  • Personalized schwag
    • Adam loves personalized things (omelettes, smoothies, sushi, etc.). We got autographed DiG magazines and the Men's tournament champions (Mike Lambert and Stein Metzger - played volleyball in high school together back in Hawaii) signed our bags, plus some other stuff. He was just touched by the personalized autographs.

  • State Capital
    • We checked out the state capital building and surrounding area after the tournament. Pretty nice, but we didn't get to see Arnold.

    • FINALLY. 415-308-427#

  • Peer pressure (Part 1)
    • Got back around 7:30. Exhausted after only like 4-5 hours of sleep, driving for 4 hours in total, and roasting in the sun, plus I had to get up early the next day. But hey, it's time to live it up. Decided to go out with my roommate, Amy, and her boy toy John (yes, I know you read this) and a bunch of their lawyer/Apple/dog walking friends. Figured I would just sleep Sunday night, but I'm not b/c I'm blogging :p

  • The Saddle Rack
    • I'm a bit little country... I know you know the words. Sing along. Wasn't too bad actually, actually pretty good. The band did play country, but not hardcore, and deviated later on.... umm... like Outkast. I had a really good time.

  • Haven't seen a club so white since Winnipeg

  • "I expected more mullets"

  • "It was him!" -- John
    • John framing me for slapping peoples' asses. But I guess it did what he wanted to do b/c she was very friendly to me the rest of the night.

  • Apparently I drank enough to dance on the stage... with the band

  • They all seem to be named Jennifer
    • So apparently if you meet and dance with a girl at the end of the night, her name is Jennifer. Well, at least this weekend.

  • Stalled 3 times in front of the cops
    • Amy had some trouble driving stick. Fortunately the cops only checked to see if things were alright and we came off clean.

Sunday (Pictures)
  • Peer pressure (Part 2)
    • Crashed at John's. Woke Amy up at 7:30 and convinced her to come surfing with me.

  • Linda Mar
    • We went to Linda Mar beach (in Pacifica) instead of Santa Cruz b/c it was closer to SF for the SF'ers.

  • Tons of interns, none of us knew how to surf

  • "Those are not beginner waves"
    • Massive waves and not so great b/c they were breaking too early. It was really hard to do anything b/c of that.

  • "Surfing"
    • I gave up trying to actually surf (which requires paddling through the massive waves and way out into the ocean and then just falling off the board and being pushed right back to shore), and instead, decided to just do my own thing that sort of resembled surfing. I just went like waist deep, waited for a "wave", which was just a rolling white mess since it broke really early, and then hopping on the board and riding it. At least I got to stand on a board and get pushed around by the waves. Snowboarding made standing on the board and the required balance more natural.

  • Need booties
    • The wet suit made the freezing water bearable, but my feet were freezing. Next time I'm getting booties. Seriously. You can actually rent them.

  • "Beach"
    • Hard to call it a beach when it's frickin' cold and windy. We frolicked on it for a while playing a bit of volleyball, but left after lunch b/c it wasn't so pleasant.

  • "Jenga"
    • Heidi started it. That's what happens when you give building block like things to a bunch of geeks.

      Stonehenge and how it got destroyed - dominoes

  • Human circus
    • Featuring: levitating humans, people walking on their hands, jugglers, human pyramids, human pretzels, ear wigglers, random human tricks, inflatable tv's, and humans immitating seals.

  • More pictures (the rest to come later)


Sarah said...

nice to see you posting, but seriously this is a gajco post - 10 pages long!

Anonymous said...

Invitation to flirt? Did you sign up for something? Are you still trying to find someone to marry you down there?

Vince said...

The invitation to flirt thing was something everyone participated in. When you walked in the door, they gave you an envelope with a pick up line in it and you had to find the person that matched yours. Once you found your match, you were entered into a draw.

I am however, still on the look out for my easy green card.

Sarah said...

hahaha it's all about the green card!

Bob said...

What was your pickup line? "nice bum, where ya from?"

Vince said...

Do you believe in love at first sight or do I have to walk by again?

Bob said...

You had me at "do"

Vince said...

Which "do"?

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