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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Blog post #400: Recent things I <3 and </3

Unlike my other claims of blog milestones, this one is accurate this time. The reason I prematurely announced say, my 300th blog post was b/c Blogger counts drafts as part of your post count. Funny, that last milestone also corresponded to the completion of a paper :p

Here are some recent things that I <3 and </3, not telling you which ones are which:
  • Soft deadlines

  • Hoping that it was a soft deadline

  • Missing beach volleyball b/c I didn't finish my paper in time

  • Not blogging b/c I was busy/procrastinating

  • Finished the revisions for my paper

  • More non-research work due this week

  • Finding motivation from within

  • Volleyball 5 times last week

  • Men's intramurals and GSU volleyball teams are better than I expected

  • No coed volleyball intramurals on Thanksgiving

  • My new blender

    (PC blender for $40, a spontaneous purchase, but one that I've been wanting to make for a while)

  • Bringing an empty backpack and duffle bag to Loblaws

  • 3.78 L jug of Tropicana orange juice and 2.5 kg of frozen mixed fruit

  • Fruit smoothies in literally < 3 min.

  • 2-3 fruit smoothies a day

  • Homemade gingerbread cookies that Elsa and I made

  • Crossing things off my todo list

  • Grey's Anatomy

  • Jamie Ly for being the last straw in getting me to watch GA

  • How I Met Your Mother

  • Learning love as a second language

  • Being trapped in a loop, living each day as a slight variation of the last

  • New season of Battlestar Galactica

  • Massive turkeys in the grocery store

  • Ham for Thanksgiving b/c the turkeys were too big

  • Thanksgiving by myself

  • Cooking tasty food to procrastinate

  • LinkedIn

  • Ghost from the past

  • Annoying people

  • People that think they know everything

  • Leaky volleyball

  • Losing leaky volleyball into the bleachers

  • Losing my TCard (U of T student card)

  • Realizing where my TCard is

  • Realizing that I didn't return the borrowed volleyball and can't get my TCard back

  • North Korea's nuclear bomb test

  • Artist of Nuit Blanche's Ballroom Dancing exhibit commenting on my blog

  • Sexual consent forms

  • Blogging

  • Being single


Bob said...

Blenders are awesome. Sooooooooo much fun. You should have got the red one though....

what does <3 and the other one mean???? damn you and your technobabble!!

Ms. Ly said...

that blender is getting rave reviews. they also have a rice cooker for 40 bucks. pc is awesome. i <3.

i also <3 a few other things. 1) you are watching grey's now in marathon format 2) i was responsible for that (i should get a cookie for this) 3) you linked me again! yes!!!!

Vince said...

I only wish that we had Superstore here instead of the crappy pared down version that they call Loblaws. said...

Love your list, very cool;-)

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