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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The start of volleyball leagues

Today was the start of coed volleyball intramurals. Both Skule (engineering) teams are in the same pool this year and pretty much all the good teams are in our pool. My team is really solid this year. I have been reunited with Rob (engineering Rob, not but that engineering Rob or that other semi-engineering Rob, it's the Toronto engineering Rob), Kevin (not that engineering Kevin, another one), and Robyn (Kevin's sister). We picked up Afjal, Siobhan, Chelsea, and Sarah (it's a different engineering Sarah).

We played our mortal enemies, Law, but they have a shitty team this year and we won in 2. Not sure how they got like 21 points in both games, but I never felt like we were in jeopardy of losing. I was impressed with our team. We played smart and gelled quite well considering that it was the first time playing as a team.

Highlights of the night included Siobhan pounding a hit off a guy's head who was trying to block her, my two consecutive roofs on guys (I almost had a hat trick), and every one of Afjal's hits.

Both Skule teams won their games! Against our traditional foes, Law and Phys Ed! Now that's how you start the season!

As per our ritual, we hit the Firkin for some beers after the game, though it was a pretty bad showing from my team, actually, it was just me and 5 from the other Skule team. My team complained of "tests" and "exams", those words are no longer in my vocabulary. It's actually kinda funny who's playing on the team this year. Out of the 16 people playing for Skule (supposedly undergrad engineering), 5 are grad students :p (me, Nastassja, Kevin, Ron, and Bu).

Men's intramurals and GSU league also start this week. Wwwhhhheeeee....


Anonymous said...

i've never had any formal training in vball. so where could i get some if i wished some in wpg?

Vince said...

Check the Winnipeg Leisure Guide to see if they have any classes (aka clinics). U of M, U of W, or Red River Collegiate may also have some classes.

Next summer (or this Christmas if we can find a court), we'll meet up and I'll give you some pointers.

Bob said...

Just to clarify, even though I'm from Toronto, and I took engineering, and my name is Rob, I am not the Toronto Engineering Rob

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