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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Congratulations Sony and Andru!!!

These two don't take normal pictures, at least not at the same time

Congratulations you two!!! Everyone knew it was gonna happen, it was really just a matter of when. I'm so happy for you guys!

Andru organized a large gathering of his and Sony's mutual friends for dinner tonight at Marche (now called Richtree market). Didn't say what it was, but that it was a surprise for Sony. The addendum to the evite noted that it was not for her birthday (which is soon). I figured, it was then, either for a job or they were engaged, but she already had a job...

I have to hand it to Andru, he pulled the whole thing off pretty well.

Sony had no idea Andru had planned a big gathering of their friends for dinner. There were 30+ of us. It was crazy. She was really surprised that everyone was there. I guess Andru was quite confident that she'd say "yes" :)

Sony told the story to me and her other ex-roommates at the dinner first. Earlier that day, they went hiking and at a stop by a cliff with a great view, Andru starts reciting a poem - one that Carrie from Sex and the City read at Charlotte's wedding and Sony had liked, transcribed it, and sent it to Andru like 2 years ago. By the end of the poem, he was down on one knee and Sony was bawling. Sony told the story well and was so genuine with her emotions. She was so happy! My eyes were watery by the end of her story. Everyone's eyes were watery. Fortunately, Joyce drew the attention away from the rest of us as she was absolutely bawling.

I didn't know many people there. I knew like her ex-roommates, which was a bit awkward as they are also my ex's ex-roommates, and I hadn't spoken to any of them since we broke up. I knew like one guy from volleyball and then just recognized a few others.

Throughout the night, we were like making a scrap book for them. We were each writing cards and then they were put into a photo album with a bunch of pictures. This was organized by the pharmacy people. Some how Sony and Andru didn't figure out what was going on :p

Fun part of the night was when my ex arrived (she came late and missed the dinner as she had other dinner plans). We haven't spoken for like 10 months. Can you say awkward? It gets better. Since I was sitting with the ex-roommates (they actually came and sat with me b/c they didn't know many of the pharmacy friends either), my ex comes and sits at our table after one of the girls leaves. So, she's sitting diagonally across from me at the table. Fun times. She just pretended that I didn't exist and didn't acknowledge my existence. She talked with her ex-roommates completely facing them, with her back towards me. It was pretty weird, especially when Sony sat down across from me, and beside her and we were all talking. Took me back like a year and a half to when we last did that. Mimi's favourite quality of my ex was out in full form.

We had some champagne (well, technically "sparkling wine" as it didn't come from Champagne, France). Funny thing was that one of the bottles was from Domaine Chandon, which I went to when I was in California :). It happens so often now that I have been to the winery of wines that I see on a restaurant wine list or am actually drinking :)

Me, Natalia, and Natalia's purse

Oh, and if you're keeping track, this is the 4th engagement announcement on my blog this year...

Still waiting for the day where I blog about mine. Or perhaps when I propose on my blog :p


Anonymous said...

i miss Richtree. just the thought makes my eyes water.

also, i remember that poem of Carrie's. Mr. Big took a call during her recitation at the wedding.

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, so many things to respond to here!

1) Yay, an engagement. I don't even know the people and it makes me happy.

2)A Sex and the City reference? How awesome! I feel embarassed that I don't remember the scene though. Nus, you may have to refresh me.

3)Vince--a proposal on your blog? I think that could be done very well. Done properly, I know that I would love it, but I'm a sucker for that kind of public declaration of love. I used to always say I wanted my proposal at the football game on the jumbotron. If I ever fall in love with someone to the point where I want to spend the rest of my life with them, I would want to shout from the rooftops how much I love them. Actually, I think I fear that day because quite likely I will just go nuts and need to be sedated (Rob, I know we are singing the same Ramones song right now).

3)Vince, I own your comments section :P

Vince said...

That's kind of you to repeat the number 3 for my benefit, as that's my favourite number, but next time you can count properly.

Unknown said...

Groan...I can't believe I lost count after 3. I was just so excited! The last #3 really should have just been a footnote really. Anyway, to the rest of the world that reads Vince's blog--Jill can usually count just fine on her own, really.

Ms. Ly said...

"Mimi's favourite quality of my ex was out in full form." hahahaha! hilarious! btw, i completely agree with mimi.

Bob said...

1) Nice counting Jill. Mr. Hatfield would be horrified.

C) Yeah that whole running into exes thing is always awkward. Stupid girls.

4) The Ramones Rock!

Vince said...

Sigh. Rob, learn to count, it's "IV".

Anonymous said...

twelve) The Ramones rock (a self-evident truth).

apple) Linear counting is killing our society with its predictable consequences.

&) Just stop.

Anonymous said...

Proposing on a blog, you say? Well, I can't think of anything that more eloquently and concisely summarizes the sterility and artificial-plant-faux-humanity of net life more than such an action. Can you imagine being on the receiving end of such a proposal? What some of you might consider kitschy, others might see as cowardly at best or cold and distant at worst.

I'm just trying to create an island of conversation in a vast ocean of emoticons and smilies. Don't like it? Please be creative in your response.

Vince said...

It's a thing I like to call sarcasm. You'd be foolish to take anything I say on this blog verbatim.

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