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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Kicked out of my bedroom before 9 am!

Tony's knocking on my door before 9 am and won't stop. I'm like DOUBLE-YOU TEE EFF???... The super intendant and his minion are in our apartment to fix the water damage in my bedroom and the bathroom.

They always do this to me!!! I'm like half naked and it's before my alarm clock is set to go off (fortunately, not much earlier this time). There should be rules against coming into my apartment before like 10 am. Preferably noon just in case.

I didn't know they were coming today, b/c I put in that work order a couple weeks ago.

So, it's before 9 and I'm out of bed moving stuff around in my room so they can get access to where they need to go.

They only scraped out the peeling paint and plaster and put in poly filler. They had to let it dry and are coming back tomorrow, presumedly early in the morning, to paint it. Fun thing for me is that they took my blinds down to fix the water damage (ceiling by the window), so I get to wake up with the sun tomorrow...

Anyways, if I sleep now, I can get 6 hours in before they come knocking.


Ms. Ly said...

what happened to the going to bed early and waking up early plan? are you surfing the net again at 3 in the morn??

Vince said...

I'm trying to stick to the plan, but I had to do some work and respond to some important e-mails.

Though the only reason I was up so late was b/c I had procrastinated earlier, but not random Internet surfing, it was dumb LinkedIn and Text Twist :p

mo said...

Check this out :

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