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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My California Summer in a Nut Shell

My summer in California in 73 photos

I've had this post sitting as a draft for a couple months now and I finally got around to posting it. Better late than never!

The collage at the top of this post pretty much summarizes my whole summer. I love how every photo has its own story behind it. Most of these photos were not taken by me. I stole them from many people. Thank you to all the photographers from the summer: Michele, Adam, Janna, Brian, Mike, Mark, Amy, Jenny, Elaine, Liz, Leandro, Jill, Florence, Mimi, Jamie, and The enforcer.

Here are some memorable quotes from the summer:
  • Jon:  This is crap!  *Throws brocollini on the ground*

  • Mark:  I was so bad that I couldn't submit any more of them to it.

  • Vince:  If it's any comfort to you, I have no idea where we are.

  • Jon:  The girls in the clubs here are all so slutty.

  • Adam:  I don't think she's old enough to buy you a drink.

  • Michele:  Mee-keh-lee
    Us:  Michelle?

  • Vince:  We're going *in* the parade.

  • Various:  Are you cumming?

  • Adam:  No, I'm at the gay pride parade (to his mom on the phone)

  • Vince:  I love you Adam.

  • Mike:  I beat Vince at gay chicken!!!

  • Adam:  This close *makes small gap between his thumb and forefinger* (beating Mike at gay chicken)

  • Adam:  Vince, I am never playing gay chicken with you.

  • Adam:  My friend said she went to the gay pride parade (in Montreal), and I had to do it.  (Ask whether she was *in* the parade or just sitting on the sidelines taking pictures)

    Mike:  You mean penetrate?

  • Natalia:  You take your shirt off, and I'll take off mine.
    Adam:  Fuck ya!

  • Vince:  I don't think we're supposed to be here (first said when playing in Sergey and Larry's barricaded private area and then again while eating lunch on Sergey and Larry's private balcony)

  • Vince:  I don't think you're supposed to do that.

  • Michele:  Your balls will go up to here *points to neck* (about going into the water)

  • Adam:  I want a vibrator with a phone attached to it (leading to the vibrator cellphone).

  • Sean:  I have a small penis

  • Mike:  Why take 2 400's, when I can take 1 800?
    Me:  Because 1-800 is toll-free

  • Vince:  Let's sort the balls!
    Mark:  I donno... Shit, this is fun!

  • Vince:  If you saw him/her on the street, you wouldn't think twice

  • Natalia:  Just get married, have kids, and die already (on me being old)

  • Adam:  Damn it!!!  (after Adam and I ordered the same thing at a restaurant for the nth time)

  • Everybody:  What?  You have a girl friend???  (to Mark 1 week before he's about to leave and his gf is coming into town)

  • Jenny:  GPosh!

  • Leandro:  We're going to fuck a duck!

  • Sean:  Vince is 100% muscle.

  • Sarah:  Cute lawyer, surfer dude / surgeon, 40-year-old pretending to be 20-something, and ninja parties.

  • Mark:  One quarter of Americans are cannibals, no actually cannibals.

  • Mark:  Google Orbital Death Ray

  • Mark:  9 cameras can see me right now

  • Mike:  Turkey flipping

  • Mark:  Turkey ramp

  • Mark:  The Asian squat

  • Mark:  Hornets from hell

  • Adam:  Personalized!

  • Mike:  So what you're saying is...

  • Mike:  That's a rookie mistake.

  • Michele:  L-1-VD

I remembered about this post b/c Michele was visiting his fiance, Jenny, back down in the Bay Area. A surprising number of interns have gotten full-time offers: Michele, Mike, Brian, Leandro, Liz, Parisa, and Peter.

Here are all my unlisted Picasa web albums from the summer (some are particularly incriminating for both myself and others). You will need to decrypt the text using the "Friend" key (if you're my friend, I'll give it to you).

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