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Friday, October 20, 2006

Joined the U of T Ski and Snowboard Club again

I caved. I joined the U of T Ski and Snowboard Club again (maybe the link will help them in the search rankings). $300 for a season pass and 8 bus rides up to the mountain. Bus leaves every Friday morning at 8 starting in January, and gets back at 6 pm. Way better than last year when we left at like 1 pm and came back at 11 pm, b/c it means that we get to do day skiing/snowboarding (while all the runs are open) and we get back in time for any Friday night activities (or sit at home alone on a Friday night).

Nick, the pres saw me leave the AC right after I signed up and he was really happy that I did. Not sure why. That might be a bad sign in that maybe not enough people have signed up. Or maybe he just wanted some free advertisement on my blog.

I really want to go snowboarding now.

(Yes, I know it's 3:31 am, and I'm going to bed. I'm done blogging... for now :))


Bob said...

Two hours of blogging? I thought you were supposed to be cutting back on your internet usage.

Vince said...

I'm not doing a reduction across the board, my goal is to reduce certain activity, namely random surfing with no purpose. Blogging was never intended to be reduced.

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