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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Now that that's done, I can actually do work

Went to bed at 1 am, woke up at 4 am. Today was crazy stressful. Deadline for the MSR Fellowship was today and I had to have the grad office submit it on my behalf online. I don't trust the staff in the grad office b/c they typically take 2 hour lunch breaks and leave school early. That may sound like a grad student, but grad students will work at any hour if a deadline is pending; grad office staff do not.

So, 1:00 pm rolls around, and I have finally finished my thesis proposal for the application. Problem is that I was still missing my two most important reference letters. The one from my academic father, and the one from my academic uncle in Seattle who nominated me for the fellowship. Having to call Seattle several times to pester for my letter and hunting down my prof at school for my other letter with the clock ticking was not fun. By some miracle, everything came together in time and I got my application successfully submitted.

I was pretty tired after this and took a nap at 5 pm. Knowing that I have been somehow turning off my alarm clock and falling back asleep without knowing it, I set the alarm on my cell phone as well. It was imperative that I wake up before 9 b/c I had a coed volleyball intramurals game. Good thing I set the back-up alarm. Game was a bust though as the other team defaulted.

With all this crap out of the way, I can actually do some work now! I'm actually looking forward to just being able to sit down and do work. Yes, I (generally) enjoy what I do. If I didn't, then I wouldn't be doing what I do, or if I was, I wouldn't be happy or sane.


Bob said...

Dude.. that totally sucks when you get up for something and go all the way there and then it's cancelled. I totally feel for ya.

Vince said...

Well, we still played, but there was zero intensity. It was supposed to be a good game b/c the other team was good, at least when they had enough players.

John said...

wow congratz

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