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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Heroes (aka damn you Rob and Mike)

The first time I heard about Heroes was when Rob commented about it. Then, last night, Mike also suggested it. With two credible recommendations, I decided to give it a shot. Damn you guys for getting me addicted!!! Less than 24 hours later, I had all 5 episodes that have aired so far downloaded and watched. The show is amazing.

It's about people that are discovering that they have super human powers. Odd that they are all discovering it simultaneously, but maybe something is triggering it. Then there's the whole evolutionary research take on things and the saving the world part as well. It's definitely caught my interest and it's shot up to one of my most anticipated shows now.

It fills a void left by Dark Angel and Birds of Prey. The whole sci-fi-action-drama-superhero niche. No, Smallville doesn't really fit the bill as it's gone downhill. The show kinda has that X-Men feel because of the whole mutant take on things and the fact that there are so many people with super powers and the whole cybernet thing in trying to find them all, but I'm not a huge X-Men fan. The characters in Heroes seem a bit more "real". The powers that they have are also not the typical ones that are portrayed. None of them have my superpower.

This is a funny quote from the last episode:

Niki (to the cops):  He's one of my customers. I run a website.
Niki (to Ando):  How did you find me?
Ando:  Whois database. You need unlist, maybe.

Well, I found it funny, but maybe b/c I'm into spying online and I have done this. Not the running of a porn website or trying to stalk a cyber porn star, but doing a whois on a website to see what info I can get on the owner, eg. the evil Vincent Cheung who is a minister in Boston, phone number 617-...


Bob said...

mwuahahahahaha... my work here is done.

The Hiro guy is my fav character on the show.. he's just so geeky :)

Vince said...

Hahahaha, Super-Hiro!!!!

Anonymous said...

Damn your post about Rob addicting you to a new show. He has now managed to addict me through your blog as well. He has way too much power!

Vince said...

Rob is evil.

I'm glad to serve as his conduit :)

Aran Chandran said...

Heroes is awesome. It's driving me insane each week waiting for the next episode.

"Oi Spockoo, death grippoo" - Ando in Ep 1.

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